The Greg or Ian Calendar

This week I published probably my silliest web app to date, The Greg or Ian Calendar.

A screenshot of the Greg or Ian Calendar web app. In the screenshot, it's Thursday 11th January 2024, making it an 'Ian' day.

Based on Natasha Jay‘s joke on Mastodon, it’s a web app that will tell you whether today is a ‘Greg’ day or if it’s an ‘Ian’ day.

A screenshot of Natasha Jay's Mastodon post laying out the rules for the Greg or Ian Calendar.

To really run the joke in to the ground, I took it one step further and added an iCal feed that you can subscribe to from within your desktop or mobile Calendar app. Never again be unsure of whether it’s an ‘Ian’ or ‘Greg day again!

If you’re that way inclined, the source code is up on my GitHub. Criticism, bug reports and pull requests are all very welcome!





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