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  • Data loss: A blind-spot in my backup strategy

    Data loss: A blind-spot in my backup strategy

    Last week I suffered a catastrophic disk failure, leaving my 1TB NVMe drive completely unreadable. Luckily I have backups, I thought.

  • What is Gregg Wallace doing?

    What is Gregg Wallace doing?

    Based on his published schedule in the Torygraph which was then ridiculed on social media, my latest web app will tell you exactly what Gregg Wallace is doing at any time.

  • The Greg or Ian Calendar

    The Greg or Ian Calendar

    My silliest web app to date, The Greg or Ian Calendar. A web app with an integrated iCal feed so you will always know whether today is a Greg or Ian day!

  • SQLite Adventure

    SQLite Adventure

    Nearly a decade ago, @edent published a choose-your-own-adventure game where Twitter was the game engine. This was perfect nerd-sniping bait. How far could you bend a common tool and use it to build a game? How small could a game engine be?

  • Personal Weather Forecast

    Personal Weather Forecast

    tl;dr Personal Weather Forecast is a small JavaScript program that mashes together Dark Sky’s API with Twilio’s APIs to produce a personally tailored weather forecast and sends it to you as a text message every morning. The source code is available as a project on GitHub, here.

  • Trump is Big Boss

    Trump is Big Boss

    tl;dr Trump Is Big Boss is a silly little program that randomly generates fake tweet screenshots that attribute quotes from Metal Gear’s Big Boss to @realDonaldTrump.

  • Fork Your Own Repo on GitHub

    Fork Your Own Repo on GitHub

    A common time-saving ‘hack’ of mine when building ‘new-but-related-to-old’ projects is to fork an existing code base and use it as the boot-strap for the new project. GitHub, however, does not provide the functionality on their website to fork your own project; you can only fork other people’s projects. Here’s how to work around that.