Stacking Loyalty Schemes for Extra Discounts

This post is very “Guardian Reader” of me, and for that I apologise in advance.

One morning I found myself absent mindedly reading the back of my yogurt pot whilst eating my breakfast. This yogurt was made by Yeo Valley Organic and was advertising some kind of loyalty scheme called “Yeokens”. I’d never really thought about being “loyal” to a yogurt brand before, so I checked out their website to see what you could redeem a lifetime’s worth of yogurt eating points towards. There are branded tote bags, an annual pass to visit their 6 1/2 acre organic garden and – probably the most useful – discount vouchers for other shops.

The discount voucher that caught my eye was an offer to save 20% at Rapanui, a clothing manufacturer who appear to be trying to “do the right thing”. They focus on organic cotton, promoting cotton as a vegan alternative to wool for knitted items and offer items made from recycled cotton too.

A screenshot of the Yeo Valley website showing a 20% off Rapanui voucher offer.

Yeo Valley will charge you 20 Yeokens to get your 20% Rapanui discount, but you don’t have to purchase 20 Yeokens worth of yogurt to build up your balance. You get a 10 Yeoken bonus for simply activating your account and they will give you another 10 Yeokens for banking your first code.

A screenshot of the welcome email from the Yeokens programme.

The availability of a partner discount isn’t really worth a blog post on it’s own and would otherwise sound like an advert for a yogurt company, but I’ve discovered an interesting second aspect to improve the deal. Tesco periodically offer Yeo Valley Organic yogurts on their “Clubcard Price” scheme, which means that you can get a pot of yogurt for 50p less than normal.

A screenshot from Tesco showing a pot of yogurt for £1.50 instead of it’s normal £2.00.

So, is it worth it? Well, it’s only a deal if you were going to buy it anyway. If you are going to spend at least £7.50 at Rapanui then, yes, you should probably buy some yogurt first!






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