#NewMusicMonday – Cheap Dirty Horse, The Masochists and a (dis)honourable mention

This week’s #NewMusicMonday is all about punk, politics and protest in the UK. In the UK we’re gearing up for our next General Election, where it looks like our incumbent blue coloured right-wing political party is going to be ousted by our red coloured right-leaning political party; plus ça change… Leaders and representatives of both parties have spent the last few weeks telling Scotland what the UK intends to do with us, rather than how they can actually work with the devolved nations.

Cheap Dirty Horse have to be on this list with their collection of recent tracks skewering late-stage capitalism and promoting LGBTQ+ issues, since both parties have spent much of the last 6 months tying themselves in knots over these. The Masochists released their EP including The TV News over a year ago, but it still fits the TV’s over-saturation with political party nonsense that we’re currently experiencing.

Cover art of The TV News EP by The Masochists

The Masochists’ The TV News EP

A sneaky little (dis)honourable mention this week goes out to Kunt and the Gang for their 40 seconds long ode to Rishi Sunak. Who knew his name had the same cadence as the Tellytubbies theme?!

Cover art of Rishi Sunak (RFC) by Kunt and the Gang

Rishi Sunak (RFC) by Kunt and the Gang






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