#NewMusicMonday – Alkanes, Broadsea & PaperSailor

I’ve been “off” the birdsite for a little over a year now, and one of my most missed trends from there is #NewMusicMonday. I loved discovering smaller, less well known, bands and musicians. In an effort to “be the change [I] want to see”, I’m going to do my best to share my own choices with the fediverse every week, and see if I can’t find some likeminded folks.

For my first #NewMusicMonday, I’m going to start with something local and close to my heart. Alkanes are a stalwart of the Inverness music scene, gigging in town and across the country for the best part of a decade. They’ve recently announced that they’re bringing things to an end, and have lined up a farewell show.

At that gig they’re going to be supported by Aberdeen’s Broadsea and PaperSailor from Glasgow, so this week’s #NewMusicMonday playlist is going to be each band’s latest release, available from their respective Bandcamp pages.

Cover art of Anoesis by Broadsea.

From Broadsea, we have Anoesis.

Cover art of Pictures of Black Holes by PaperSailor.

I’m including Pictures of Black Holes by PaperSailor.

Cover art of This Is It by Alkanes.

And last but not least, This Is It by Alkanes.






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